Yamaha NMAX, TMAX, XMAX (2015-2022) Key PIN Calculator

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Upload the file: 24C02, 24C04 from immobox or 93C56 from steering lock
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Yamaha NMAX, TMAX, XMAX (2015-2022) Key PIN Calculator
Yamaha bikes with smart key system uses custom PIN codes for keys. Each key has it's own PIN code, which is usually written on a label for you to keep safe. If you have bike's master key (Key nr. 1) PIN code, you can do two things:

1. Emergency start the bike
2. Enter "SMART KEY SYSTEM EMERGENCY MODE" (allows adding or disabling smart keys)

Both functions are useful when the key gets damaged/lost/stolen. Also when the bike has AKL (All Keys Lost) situation, the only way to add new keys are with Enter "SMART KEY SYSTEM EMERGENCY MODE". Otherwise, the only way you could add new key is buying a new remote control unit, which could be expensive.

Luckily there is a way to get PIN code of master key. Simply read an external eeprom of remote control unit or steering lock unit and load it to our website. 3 types of dumps are supported:

93C56 (with auto detection of 8/16-Bit read mode)

Depending on the type of dump, you will be shown info: Number of keys, Master Key ID, PIN Code, Synchro bytes with ECU.

For convenience, if you want to know your key's PIN code, you can read it's ID code with any transponder reader that supports HITAG Pro chip and input those bytes to get the PIN. Please note, that for this PIN to work on bike, it has to be a master key.

Also please note, that if you delete all keys and program a new smart key nr. 1 (master key), you will have to use new pin code to use emergency functions.

This calculation works on bikes manufactured from year 2015 up to year 2022.