New Generation Bosch D-Flash CRC Algorithm

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We have developed a tool to verify & fix new generation checksums for D-Flash and Eprom files used in Bosch electronic units. These type of checksums has ben seen in Engine ECU's, SRS modules, Dashboards and potentially is used in many other units in automotive industry (made by Bosch). This tool will check for bad checksum for all blocks in any file and fix them. As there are many different processors, memory types and structures, the tool will check all file. If you load, for example, file from Renesas RH850 type of processor, the tool will potentially find some bad checksums, due to nature of processor's handling of invalid or deleted blocks. Also this tool does not support split-data blocks, these will be ignored. Also there might be data blocks that are verified with additional custom checksums inside data blocks themselves, these will not be corrected, you will need to fix it by yourself. All this said, use it at your own risk. We will not be responsible for any damage or unlawful use of this tool.